Loopmasters Products

You may use the sounds in combination with other sounds within your musical compositions. You may release such compositions commercially without payment of any further fees or royalties for such usage. For example, if you are the original purchaser of a sample CD, and you used sounds from it to create the soundtrack of a television commercial, simply by combining a synth loop sample with a guitar loop, and the TV advert was broadcast hundreds of times, you would keep all the royalties that the advert earns you, because you already purchased a private license to use the sounds commercially.
You cannot use the sounds in isolation (i.e. when not within musical compositions) as part of a commercially released project - for instance you cannot use the sounds to make another sample CD, or for sound effects on a website or multimedia production - unless as part of a composition with other sounds.

DJ Mixtools Series

Please check the License Agreement of the DJ Mixtools samplepacks. The sounds you license cannot be used to produce Library Music. All other fair use of the DJ Mixtools samples is allowed.

Non-Loopmasters Products
Please always check the license agreement offered by each Label before buying their samplepacks. The general rule here is that all samples bought in the Loopmasters store can be used royalty-free in all types of productions, with certain exceptions (i.e. DJ Mixtools).