Loopcloud 6 has introduced the ability to search the Loopcloud Store for similar sounds to your chosen sound, which is great for finding suitable alternatives to your starting sound. Perhaps you need a slightly better snare for your track, or a fuller sounding bass sample – Loopcloud 6 has got your back. 


To search for similar sounds, just click on the Yin and Yang icon on your chosen sound, and click Find Similar Sounds

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You can do this both on Loopmasters/Loopcloud content and your own user-content. Loopcloud will then search for your similar sounds. Loopcloud will then automatically sort your sounds from most similar to least similar. Depending on the instrument you’re searching for, it could take some time to sort your results. 



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You can then browse through your results to find that perfect sound for your track: 

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If you have any feedback, issues, or questions about Loopcloud 6, please get in touch with our Support Team at support@loopmasters.com